Current Developments

Cum Laude accommodation in Stellenbosch

Prodecom introduces a new student accommodation development “ Cum Laude” in the heart of Stellenbosch.

This high quality student accommodation development is situated 750m from the Stellenbosch University Campus and once completed, will accommodate 102 units comprising of 75 one bedroom units of 33 sqm and 27 two bedroom units of 52sqm.

Stellenbosch has a decisive need for Student accommodation and from an investors perspective, the Stellenbosch market offers virtually guaranteed rental returns and exceptional property growth as the number of students are increasing year on year.

Set to accommodate students for the 2012 academic year, Cum Laude’s contemporary design can be described as a combination of a modernist idiom with industrial chic . Each units comprises tiled floors, modern light fittings, modern bathroom fittings and a incorporated study area. READ MORE

Prodecom housing project in Fairview Port Elizabeth

The designs of these affordable housing units have been done in a manner which will be cost effective but at the same time achieving maximum space utilisation. The materials and manner of construction has also be carefully considered in order to be sustainable and conform to the new legislation governing energy efficiencies. 

Lighthouse Square Shopping Centre, Plettenberg Bay

It is of utmost importance to the developer and project team that this development responds to the neighbourhood conditions by respecting the scale of the residential environment yet facilitate the creation of a vibrant semi-urban environment. Commercial, retail and residential units fit together to form a mixed use development that will encourage a lifestyle that has become so popular where a sense of community/village is considered of vital importance.Shops are positioned around a series of courtyards and a larger piazza to create a village environment. The planning philosophy is that of a series of individual buildings grouped around positive and meaningful outside spaces rather than a large continuous oversized structure.The development facades and roof shapes are articulated to reduce the scale of the development and create the village centre feel. READ MORE

Kwano Shopping Centre

This 8000 sq m shopping village including retail, municipal offices and medical suites.In this low budget project the design focus is on creating a string of articulated volumes of varying shapes and heights, all connected by a covered walkway. The buildings are positioned around the parking area which faces onto the community taxi rank. The aesthetic palette consists of large glazed panels, brickwork in terra cotta and earth colours and some focal elements in steel and brick. A semi covered and planted piazza facilitates community interaction. Delivery yards are concealed within the bulk of the retail areas.